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  • How long does it take for my item to arrive?
    I make the item within 1-2 days after receiving the order and then ship it out right away. Shipping generally takes 3-5 days but once it leaves my hands I really am at the mercy of the USPS. All in all you should receive it within 5-8 days after placing your order. All items are shipped via USPS and all customers are sent a tracking number upon shipment.
  • Can you guarantee the item will arrive at its destination by a certain time?
    I get asked this question a lot as people want the item to make it to the hospital in time. I do my best to get the product out within 24 hours and then do my best to make sure it gets where it has to. The quickest way to get your item is not by upgrading your shipping to the quickest option. The quickest way to get your order is to purchase my "rush processing" listing. That guarantees that your item ships within 2 business days of your order, lots of times even quicker than that. The Rush Processing Listing is setup as a digital download. You add it to your order and it will notify me to put your order to the front of the line. It costs 10$ but it guarantees your item ships out within 48 hours.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    Absolutely! I love making new things if my time allows it. A lot of the items in my shop started out as a custom order and I want every child to have a unique gift made just for them. If there is something in particular you are envisioning, please email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Do you take returns?
    I'm afraid I do not take returns unless the product arrives damaged. As they are personalized items they really are only good for the person it was ordered for. However if the item has been damaged, I will gladly remake it at no cost.
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