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Special gifts for special people...

At, we take pride in offering our customers a collection of unique get well soon gifts.  Our commitment to quality control ensures that your shopping experience is comfortable and even enjoyable.  We work hard to create products to help cheer up the people you care about most.  Our mission is to help children grow with confidence and to help bring smiles to their faces.  We were tired of the boring generic get well soon gifts on the market and decided to offer something better.  Whether it be a general surgery gift, a tonsillectomy gift, or a gift for a broken arm; we got you covered.  If you need help, you'll be assisted by the owner, not some 3rd party service.  Give us a try today and let us do what we do best; cheer people up!

Something for Everyone

A lot of our products started out because a customer had an idea.  They wanted to get their child something special but didn't know how to go about it.  If your child has a condition or disability that we don't offer, please don't be afraid to ask.  We'd be happy to help!  We try to not have to turn anyone down and also try to keep the item affordable.  We want to help!

Kendall says...

Amazing quality! So adorable and perfect for a heart warrior ❤️ Shop owner is so kind and it was super fast getting here!

heart surgery teddy bear kikilishop
heart surgery stuffed monkey kikilishop

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