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Covid Time Bomb

As I write this on January 15, 2022, I now know more people that have contracted the virus then haven’t. My son is 3, almost 4. my Heart Warrior turns 6 in a few weeks. We have been incredibly diligent in keeping her away from this virus. It’s sad that they’ve been raised in a bubble and spend so much time at home but this is normal for them. The idea of either of my children getting sick absolutely terrifies me. The idea of my heart warrior getting sick downright frightens me. I don’t like uncertainty and that’s what Covid brings. Friends tease me. I hear comparisons to the flu and how “it’s not that bad.” When I hear that it makes me crazy. At this point I feel like it is inevitable that we are all going to catch it and I feel like it is going to come from school. I’m constantly on the fence on if we should even have the kids in school. The only saving grace I have right now is the fact that my warrior is vaccinated. That lets me rest a little easier; a very little. Anyways, wear your masks please. Just because it may not be that bad for you or your family, it could be bad for mine. Blog post over, stay safe.

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